Friday Q&A: Inside TSL 2021 Edition

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Virginia Tech football
(Ivan Morozov)

It’s one of my favorite times of year! Chris Coleman is on vacation, and I get to do a TSL-centric version of the Friday Q&A!

I didn’t do one last year, because Chris’s vacation got canceled due to COVID. Here’s the last one I did, back in 2019. It’s interesting to re-read that one, especially the part about wanting to improve the video production of the TSL Podcast. We certainly did that!

Anyway, on to this year’s version …

How has the downturn in football success made you rethink how you run your business and what you put time and effort into? — HokieHigh

And how has the rapidly declining parity in college football affected your future business strategy? — Femoyer Hokie

This type of thing is pretty much all I think about these days, so this is going to be a LONG answer, arguably a full article by itself.

We get these emails frequently these days: a subscriber will cancel, and when I ask them why they canceled, they answer with some version of, “You guys do a great job, I’m just not interested anymore, because football isn’t as good.” Sometimes they’ll add, “And it never will be again, either, because the college football environment has changed so much.”

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