The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Basketball Players In The Portal, Football Positional Ratings, And More

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Virginia Tech
Jalen Cone provided a shooting spark for Virginia Tech, but his future at Virginia Tech was that of a role player. (Rachel Pincus, ACC Pool)

1) Should we be worried about two quick portal jumps from the hoops team? – PineyGladeHokie 

Chris Coleman: There were lots of questions about the transfer portal this week, so I’ll try to address each of them in my answer to this question.  In fact, most of the questions I got this week were about the portal, so this answer will probably be long.  I don’t know who Tech is actively recruiting or any of that, so I’m going to focus on the player losses.

I don’t worry about losing players to the portal, with the exception of Doug Nester in football.  I don’t worry about it for two reasons…

1: Just about anybody you lose to the portal is replaceable, or perhaps even upgradable, simply because they weren’t good enough to get the playing time that they wanted.  If Jalen Cone