A Look At Virginia Tech’s New Weight Room

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I’ve got about 3,800 words and 24 videos on Outside Runs ready to go, but I had to take a detour and talk about this Virginia Tech football weight room. Specifically, I want to talk about what the Hokie Sports crew showed us in this video:

Now, just a few months after the original September deadline, the center’s open for lifting. I’m going to focus on the meathead stuff, and leading that charge was Sorinex, who equipped and did much of the designing for the space.

Sorinex is a big name in equipping collegiate facilities. They’ve done Power 5 work for schools in every conference, with Penn State, FSU, Auburn, USC-W, and Texas being among their customers. They renovated the Hokies’ Olympic sports strength room, and they also renovated New Mexico’s weight room back when Coach Hilgart was there, so it makes sense they’d do this overhaul. Here’s the layout of the new space:

I’m focusing on the lower level, which is where the training happens. The main entrance is on the left/north end of the room. The twenty new power racks (broken into two lines of ten) are the dominant feature. At the right/south end of the space is the dumbbell area, with the diagram showing eight adjustable benches there. On the bottom/western wall, in the small space not taken up by coaches’ offices, there’s four smaller wall racks and eight hip/back extension