Virginia Tech, the NCAA Tournament, and the Selection Process

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech will almost certainly be in the NCAA Tournament, but their seeding could be capped. (Matt Gentry/The Roanoke Times via AP, Pool)

With Virginia Tech playing UNC tonight in the ACC Tournament, and Selection Sunday coming up in just a few days, I want to take today to talk a little bit about the process the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee uses to select and seed teams.

So much gets made of the NET rankings themselves, but in reality they are only a part of the entire process, and Virginia Tech’s NET ranking in and of itself isn’t as critical as some other factors.  There are other more important categories, such as records against the specific quadrants, opponents’ NET rankings, etc. 

I’ll steal a quote from Jerry Palm of CBS…

“The NET is designed to define the quadrants, not to choose or seed teams. It’s not a tiebreaker or anything like that. Teams are not compared by NET or other computer rankings.”

That quote comes from this excellent article from February, and I’m using it as a basis for today’s piece.  I don’t