Virginia Tech Basketball and the NET Rankings

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Virginia Tech basketball
It was an exasperating night for Virginia Tech against Georgia Tech. The Hokies hope to finish strong over their final three games. (Virginia Tech Athletics)

After Virginia Tech’s 69-53 home loss to Georgia Tech, there was some talk about the Hokies and the NET rankings, and I wanted to address that in this week’s basketball article.

The NET rankings can be more volatile than the old RPI system.  The RPI system was completely based on who you played and where you played them, and it seemed like after the month of January the RPI just wasn’t going to move very much no matter what you did.

However, the NET is built around efficiency ratings among other things, and it even has a margin of victory factor built in.  Therefore, when you lose by double digits at home (which means you weren’t efficient on either end of the court), then you are going to take a big drop.  It also means that if you win a game like that, you are going to take a big leap forward.

After losing to Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech dropped from No. 36 in the NET to No. 50.  Meanwhile, Georgia Tech jumped from No. 49 to No. 36.  The two teams basically traded spots.  It’s not uncommon to see wild swings.