The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Developing Leadership In The Transfer Portal Era

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech’s Sam Rogers and Chuck Clark were great leaders. (Ivan Morozov)

1) With the transfer portal fully up and running now, how do you think it will affect the leadership structure of teams? Usually teams seem to look to their seniors for leadership and guidance, however, with rosters being more fluid, how do you think all that could play out? This past year notwithstanding (and minus Coach Fuente’s first year), I have found the recent Hokie senior classes to be almost invisible. – Eddie4hokies

Chris Coleman: Justin Fuente is on record about that 2016 senior class and how fantastic those guys were in helping the transition from the Beamer Era to the Fuente era.  Fuente loves those guys, and they are big Fuente fans as well.  When he was on the Sons of Saturday podcast last summer, they did a Q&A session, with several of those 2016 seniors sending in questions and communicating with him.  Those guys fit together like a duck and water.

You’re right, there has been a leadership void since then.  Whatever mistakes Fuente has made during his tenure, perhaps the biggest is that he’s failed to recruit enough guys who are similar