The Virginia Tech Offensive Scheme: Part 2

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Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech
Justin Fuente (Ivan Morozov)

Last week we prepped with an overview of how the Hokies classify plays. Now we’ll look at some of the fundamental ideas that makes the offense tick.

Take Advantage of What the Defense Gives You

Rather than imposing their will by hammering certain plays regardless of context, or relying mostly on pre-game scouting and scheming to beat opponents, the Hokies want to punish defenses in real time for not defending certain plays or parts of the field. The most basic example is the MOFC/MOFO (Middle Of The Field Closed/Middle Of The Field Open) distinction we’ve talked about before. On 90+% of just about any ACC defense’s snaps, it will be aligned to have either one or two deep safeties. That alignment will either give the defense more defenders in the box to stop the run, or it will put more defenders in the secondary to help with deep throws:

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