Virginia Tech Hoops: Point Guard, Jalen Cone, and the Louisville Series

Virginia Tech, Hunter Cattoor
Virginia Tech appears to be more potent offensively with Hunter Cattoor at point guard. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech lost a close 73-71 game to Louisville on Wednesday night.  I knew I was going to be writing a basketball column today, though I didn’t know what form it would take until after the game.

If the Hokies had won, I knew what I was going to write.  It was going to be a “do the Hokies have a chance to win the ACC?” type of piece.  Yeah, I know.  I never should have let that thought creep into my head.  But as Dan Aykroyd said in Ghostbusters:

Once the game was over, I knew exactly what I was going to write about: the point guard situation, Jalen Cone’s three-point shooting, and some commentary on the VT-Louisville series.