The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Football vs. Basketball and Return on Investment

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Virginia Tech
Jarrod Hewitt spent five years at Virginia Tech, and he’s moving on. (Virginia Tech sports photography)

1) Are Ashby/Hewitt really draftable? I would think they’d be better suited to return to VT for another year. – VaPoly7

Chris Coleman: Nah, they most likely aren’t draftable.  But they most likely wouldn’t have been draftable after another year, either.

From a physical standpoint, they just aren’t what the NFL is looking for.  Jarrod Hewitt is 6-1, 280.  NFL tackles look more like Tim Settle than Hewitt.  Ashby, even when he was in shape and close to the proper weight, just isn’t athletic enough for the NFL.  Overall, he’s not as good an overall athlete as past Tech mikes like Jack Tyler, Bruce Taylor, or even Andrew Motuapuaka.

Coming back for another season wasn’t going to magically give Hewitt a bigger frame to work with.  It wasn’t going to magically turn Ashby into a long, rangy athlete who could