The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Defensive Talent, The Bowl Streak, And More

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Virginia Tech
Alan Tisdale could be one of Virginia Tech’s best players. (Virginia Tech sports photography)

1) We often read generalizations such as “recruiting is horrible”, “we can’t develop players,” and “we have no talent on defense.” These statements sometimes miss counter-examples that should require balance or nuance. Regarding the lack of talent on defense, can you evaluate the talent of each player who played or would have played? How much talent would you say we actually have on defense (either now or potentially)? The talent drain going into this year due to opt-out and injury was nothing compared to the post-2017 off-season, but what did we have or would have had with these players? – VAHokie89

Chris Coleman: I could probably work this one into an entire article, but here goes…

I think Virginia Tech has done well at some spots on defense and not-so-well at others.  I think the Hokies waited too long for a change in philosophy for defensive line recruiting, and that showed up a bit this year.  The defensive tackle best suited