CC On Sunday: Virginia Tech Ends UVA’s Streak At One

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Virginia Tech
(Virginia Tech sports photography)

2020 has been rough, for a wide variety of reasons.  With the Commonwealth Cup out of Virginia Tech’s hands, the world sure went to hell in one heck of a hurry.  It was almost as if nature itself didn’t know how to react to the Cup residing in Charlottesville for a year.  Hopefully its rightful return to Blacksburg sends everything back in an upward trajectory.

The Hokies picked a fine time to play what could be regarded as their best game of the season.  You could argue that the NC State game was as good or better, but that was the first game, and there was no film on Tech’s defensive scheme.  Had the fourth quarter gone better against Miami, that one would be up there, too, but it didn’t.  At any rate, this is one the Hokies controlled not quite from start to finish, but nearly so. 

It’s been a long year, not only from a football perspective, but from pretty much every other perspective I can think of.  I’m just glad to see the fanbase happy again.  UVA’s one-year streak is over.  Long-live Virginia Tech’s new streak.

The End Of An Era?

Based on what we’ve been hearing, I’m pretty confident that will be Justin Fuente’s last game as Virginia Tech’s head coach.  If that turns out to be