The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Basketball, Sports Nutrition, And More

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech is better this year, but they still lack experience in Mike Young’s system. (Johnnie Izquierdo)

1) Last year the basketball team had early success, but struggled when teams had film and figured out our tendencies, etc. Why will this year be different? – Hubman 

Chris Coleman: Well, last year the Hokies were a bunch of freshmen, they had no size, and everybody was in their first year in the system.  Two of those three issues were solved in the offseason, though some vestiges of the third issue remain.

First, this team isn’t a bunch of freshmen.  Let’s compare the minutes played by freshmen of last year’s team to this year’s team.  Here’s how it looks this season…

Total minutes: 1,025
Minutes by Freshmen: 75
Percentage: 7.3%

Now here are last year’s numbers…

Total minutes: 6,550
Minutes by Freshmen: 4,186
Percentage: 63.9%

7.3% versus 63.9%.  That’s reason