Monday Thoughts: Night of the Living Fu

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Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech
Justin Fuente, shown here prior to the Louisville game (Virginia Tech Athletics)

In the hours after Virginia Tech’s 38-35 loss to Liberty, Justin Fuente received almost no quarter from anyone, anywhere.

The loss was a cup of cold water to the face for Hokie Nation. It was a moment of clarity for many. And for others, including some particularly important people, it was a flashpoint for anger. In the long run, it may be the moment we point to when we talk about the day Justin Fuente lost his job.

Oh, that won’t happen any time soon. As we have detailed many times in writing and on our podcasts, Justin Fuente’s buyout is currently $12.5 million, and it “drops” to $10 million on December 15th (details here). Those figures are tough for Virginia Tech to chew on in ordinary times, but in the Year of the Pandemic, trying to finance a buyout like that is unthinkable. If you’re wondering if a firing might occur anytime soon, however you define soon, it won’t.

My first thought as a title for this article was “Monday Thoughts: Is Liberty Justin Fuente’s