Tahj Bullock Remains Solid With Virginia Tech

Tahj Bullock, Virginia Tech
Tahj Bullock is Virginia Tech’s quarterback for the 2021 class. (@TahjB_12)

Tahj Bullock
Quarterback, Class of 2021
St. Peter’s Prep, Jersey City, New Jersey
6-4, 223

The jitters were still there in part, but St. Peter’s Prep (NJ) three-star quarterback Tahj Bullock didn’t show many with his play last Friday.

In the No. 1 Marauders’ season-opener, a 62-21 win over No. 13 West Orange (NJ), Bullock completed 12 of 13 passes for 215 yards and five touchdowns. He ran for another 12 yards and another touchdown, with one fumble. Bullock, who committed to Virginia Tech in June, said he’s never been more confident with his play, nor his decision of where to play his college football.

“I played real loose for the most part,” he said. “First game, senior year, compared to last year, I was tight. I just played loose, played fast and had fun with the guys. I wasn’t thinking as much. I played well. There were mistakes in there, and I just have to keep working on them, harping on the relationship with the guys, keep building, getting better.”

Bullock said his commitment to the Hokies remains firm. He has daily conversations with the coaching staff and has kept up with their 2-0 start.

“Oh, I mean everything is real good, for the most part,” Bullock said. “I’m constantly talking with Coach Fu (Justin Fuente), Coach Corn (Brad Cornelsen), Coach (Darryl) Tapp, everybody. It’s been nothing but love. Continue to build that relationship with those guys, just seeing how they’re doing with their season, what’s going on with them. Everything is still real good, and I’m in a good place.”

For Bullock, it’s been nice to see Virginia Tech’s fast start. He said he likes the swagger the team has had and the work that’s led to the on-field success, despite being hit last month by COVID-19.

“I mean, they’re just going out, playing loose and fast, too,” Bullock said. “They’ve had a lot of guys out, but I talked to Coach Fu and Coach Corn about having that next man up mentality. Just playing like you have the opportunity. That’s key, and that’s something I had in my mindset my freshman and sophomore years, when I was at Prep. Just having that next man up, practice like you’re the starter, that’s all they’re doing right now, and they look good.”

Bullock said he and Cornelsen have continued their in-depth discussions. They’ve included how Bullock fits into the offense moving forward.

“I think even just before watching games, talking with Coach Corn, seeing where his head is at, just building that relationship and seeing the fit in the offense,” he said. “It’s similar to Prep, with the RPO game, spreading the ball out. They can do it all. I’m seeing it from the quarterbacks, what they’re