Inside The Numbers: Wide Receiver Blocking And “Elusive Rating”

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Khalil Herbert Virginia Tech
Good downfield blocking by Virginia Tech wide receivers has helped spring Khalil Herbert on long runs. (Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports)

It’s still a bit too early to focus in on individual player grades thus far.  Each week is a different matchup for each player.  For example, in week one Luke Tenuta had an easy matchup and dominated, while Brock Hoffman had a very tough matchup and was actually Tech’s low grader among offensive linemen.  However, in week two Hoffman’s matchup was much easier, while Tenuta faced off against a future NFL player. 

Sometimes it’s not just about how a player plays…it’s about who he is facing.  Grades will vary week-to-week, partly based on the talent level of the opposition.  Because of that, I still want to let a little bit more evidence add up before I start judging overall grades.

Today we’ll focus on several other more detailed topics: wide receiver blocking, big plays by Khalil Herbert, and a few other things.

Wide Receiver Blocking

Someone on the boards mentioned wide receiver blocking after the Duke game, and I promised I’d take a look at it for this week’s Inside The Numbers article.  If