Duke Review: Running Game Dominates

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech had another dominating rushing performance on Saturday. (Dave Knachel, Virginia Tech sports photography)

Sorry, folks, that first half was my fault.

You see, my toddler was clinging to me and insisting on sitting in my lap, and he’s just giggling and squirming and messing with my notes and the keyboard, and he thinks tackling is hilarious, which doesn’t help my concentration.  Then my six-year-old accidentally swallowed his loose tooth (his second to come out) and was freaking out to the point where my wife promised a fecal search to find it until she remembered we had his first tooth saved. But I forgot where I put the thing and had to tear the house up looking for it so we could hide it in the couch cushions for him to “find,” and then I realized I couldn’t remember where I stashed the special coins, and I couldn’t focus on the game until I’d found them, and then it was dinner time and I’d already obligated myself to my role as Chef Dad.

So, I didn’t have any beer in me until the teams were lining up for second-half kickoff. But a little sip of Catawba Brewing Co. Brown Bear Brown Ale was all it took to get the Hokies back on track. Sorry for the stress, but you’re welcome for the win.

If I had known the secondary was demolished (duomated?), Duke’s safeties were getting their act together, Chase Brice would protect the ball, and the Hokies would lose the turnover battle by two, I wouldn’t have been too confident in the win. But here we are. The Hokies are 2-0, by golly. Let’s look at how they got there.