Virginia Tech Offers 2021 DL Ian Mathews

Ian Mathews
Defensive Line, Class of 2021
Pacelli, Columbus, GA
6-5, 270

Having a football season this fall helps immensely, but Pacelli Catholic (Ga.) 2021 defensive end Ian Mathews believes there’s another big factor that’s led to the rise of his profile recently.           

“I feel like it’s my speed that people notice,” he said. “I’m 6-foot-5, 270 (pounds) and run a 5.1 (40-yard dash). There’s not many guys at my weight and height that can move like I move. Once you get that one big D-I offer, that’s when everyone starts to recognize you.”           

Those scholarship offers and school interests are flowing in more of late. Virginia Tech, Arkansas and Duke joined a few Division II and Division III schools with offers. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic and NCAA rules against hosting on-campus visits, Mathews said he’s proceeding with caution, while getting a feel for his likes and dislikes.           

“First, it’s academics, how I fit into the community, how they’re involved and how I can help,” he said. “Also, if I go there, will I play? One big thing is the relationship with the coaches, how they feel about me and how much love they show me.”           

The Hokies made Mathews an offer last Friday. While he can only go by what he’s seen from a distance, Mathews said he likes a few aspects about them.           

“I mean, I like them, I really do,” he said. “I like how the D-line is. They come off the ball and attack, go straight for the ball. They show love, too, call me on the phone, two coaches have, telling me how I’d fit in the system and everything like that.”           

Assistant coach Darryl Tapp has been leading the recruiting efforts for Virginia Tech so far, but Mathews said he’s also spoken with graduate assistant Zach Sparber.           

“I really like it, what they’ve said,” Mathews said. “They’re just showing me they really want me there. They’re not like other colleges that talk and just try to get you to come there. They’re showing they’re really wanting me there and I can come and make a difference in the program.”           

Arkansas just offered a scholarship on Monday, but already Mathews said he likes what he’s heard about the Razorbacks.           

“I don’t know that much because it was very surprising,” he said. “It came out of nowhere. They called my coach, he told me after school, and then they text me and said I had an offer. I talked to the D-line coach, just chopped it up. He’s a good dude. We were just talking about what they can offer me. Then, (Monday) night, we FaceTimed and they just showed me good love.”           

Duke was the first FBS school to offer a scholarship, last Thursday, and Mathews said he’s been impressed by a few aspects.           

“They’ve showed me the most love out of all of them,” he said. “That came out of nowhere, then they said they wanted to get on the phone with my parents. They check up on me every day, asking how I’m doing, how’s practice going and stuff like that. They’ve just been really showing a lot of love, that they care about me and want the best for me.”           

For now, Mathews is in wait-and-see mode. He hopes