The COVID-19 Impact On Virginia Tech Football

Virginia Tech
(Dave Knachel, Virginia Tech athletics)

Over the last couple of days, we’ve seen more details come out with regards to COVID-19 protocols.  To sum it up, here is what Justin Fuente said about it on Tech Talk Live last night… (many thanks to Jake Lyman for working hard to write that up, as usual)

“I’ll do my best to try to explain it, but you’ve basically got two groups. You have the symptomatic or positive tests. If you’re positive, you have to isolate for 10+1 (days), and we also have to get an ECHO on your heart. That can lengthen the process a little bit because you have to get those scheduled and there’s a lot of pressure on the medical community, not just here in Blacksburg but across the country. Those things aren’t just snap your fingers and go. If a guy is positive, it’s 10+1 from his symptom date, and if he’s asymptomatic it’s just 10+1. Sometimes that drags on because we have to get the heart work and labs done before they can return to play.

If you are in contact tracing and are around somebody who was positive, that’s two weeks (in quarantine) assuming you don’t test positive. That’s two weeks on the shelf, removed from the football team. You can see how it can get pretty big, pretty quickly.

That’s essentially how it works. If you do test positive, you don’t have to test again for 90 days. You basically have three months where you should be good to go.”

Back in July, I posted on the subscriber board that I heard that certain coaches thought that for football season to go off without a hitch, all the players needed to test positive as soon as possible.  We know that “most” of LSU’s players have already tested positive, and we know that Clemson had a ton of positives back in the summer.  Since they aren’t required to be tested again for 90 days after a positive test, that would guarantee that you’d have all your guys available for the season, or at least most of it.  For example, if every single one of Virginia Tech’s players had tested positive on September 1, then the Hokies would be able to field a full team up until testing was required again on December 1.

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But that hasn’t happened, of course.  Instead, the vast majority of players who are missing time due to COVID-19 related issues are out because of contact tracing, meaning they’ve come into contact with someone who has tested positive or