Virginia Tech And The Quarterback Rotation

Hendon Hooker, Virginia Tech
Hendon Hooker will start for Virginia Tech against UVA. (Dave Knachel, Virginia Tech Athletics)

Justin Fuente told the media on Wednesday that he was planning on playing both Hendon Hooker and Braxton Burmeister this season.  He emphasized that Hooker would be Tech’s starter, but that both players had performed well during camp, and both deserved the opportunity to play. 

I was a little bit surprised by that decision.  Fuente himself was part of a two-QB system at Oklahoma, and it didn’t work.  Of course, usually when two quarterbacks are playing, it means that both of them are bad, or that the team is bad.  That doesn’t appear to be the case here, and Fuente was quick to point that out in Wednesday’s press conference.

“If we were to play a game right in this moment, Hendon would start for us.  I’ve been really pleased with him throughout fall camp.  But Braxton would play.  I’ve been really pleased with him as well.  Hendon is our starter and deserves to play, and Braxton has earned that right to play as well.” 

Last season Hendon Hooker threw 11 touchdown passes to just two interceptions despite not starting until a month into the season, and missing about 1.5 games later in the season due to injury.  He wasn’t perfect, and he has some things he can improve on in the passing game, but I think most people would agree that he was a pretty solid player for the Hokies.  His presence certainly turned the offense around on a dime.