Potential Avenues For The New Virginia Tech Defense, Part 1: Defensive Line Technique

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Virginia Tech
Darryl Tapp and Bill Teerlinck will bring new techniques to the Virginia Tech defensive line. (Jon Fleming)

Last month, I gave a sketches of what a “different” Virginia Tech defense might look like next year by grabbing quotes and factoring in the new/newly positioned coaches’ playing and coaching careers.

Some of those changes can be tough to understand without photos or video, and I’ve shifted my stance on a few of them, so let’s look at these potential changes—from defensive line action, to linebacker play under Claeys, to breaking down Hamilton’s comments on coverages—with greater focus. We’ll start with the defensive line. The hiring of two new coaches for the spot signals a few things, one of them being just how retooled the line will be. I don’t think we’ll see a full import of the Bills’ scheme, but I think we’ll see some of it showing up.

But first, some caveats. 1) We don’t know how much of the Bills’ scheme was Teerlinck’s preference, and how much was dictated by DC Leslie Frazier or by HC Sean McDermott. 2)