Virginia Tech Target Board, Offense: July 21, 2020

Tahj Bullock, Virginia Tech
Tahj Bullock is Virginia Tech’s quarterback for the 2021 class. (@TahjB_12)


Commits: 1 (Tahj Bullock)
Target Number: 1

I don’t see the Hokies taking more than one quarterback this year.  Of course, my view could be wrong, and it could change depending on injury, attrition, or perhaps if someone was interested in committing who the staff just couldn’t turn away.

Tahj Bullock is a little bit raw, but he has the physical ability of a typical Justin Fuente/Brad Cornelsen quarterback recruit at Virginia Tech.  He can run the read option, he shows some ability to execute RPOs, and he’s already a big-bodied guy who will only get bigger.  The best comparison would probably be Jerod Evans, though he’ll have a higher ceiling than Evans in the passing game simply because Fuente/Cornelsen will get to coach him for his entire career, rather than just one season.

Despite the Dematrius Davis drama, I’m happy with the way quarterback recruiting has turned out for the 2021 class.  That’s assuming Bullock does sign, and at this point I have no reason to believe that he won’t.