Inside The Numbers: Projecting Improvement, Part 2 – The Offense

Tre Turner, Virginia Tech
Tre Turner will be leaned on heavily by Virginia Tech next year. (Ivan Morozov)

Last week we used Pro Football Focus to look at Virginia Tech’s defensive improvement from 2018 to 2019.  Today we’ll switch sides of the ball and see what types of improvement key offensive players made from 2018 to 2019, or in a few cases, which guys didn’t improve.

Virginia Tech’s offense in 2019 was a tale of two quarterbacks.  Or three quarterbacks, if you count Quincy Patterson.  You don’t need to see numbers to know that.  The Tech offense struggled with Ryan Willis in September, took off once Hendon Hooker became the starter in October, and then struggled again when the redshirt freshman Patterson was forced into a starting assignment against Notre Dame.

Because of that change at quarterback, you’ve got to take some of the ratings for the other players with a grain of salt.  Hendon Hooker at quarterback made the offense better, so naturally the players around him played better than they did in September.

First I’ll give you the numbers, and then I’ll talk about the players and positions.