The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Quarterback Talk

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1) Favorites! Tell me your favorite game to cover/favorite game to attend as a fan, favorite tailgate ever, favorite road game attended, and favorite game you watched in a bar. – All The Way

Chris Coleman: I’ve only covered two games as a credentialed reporter: 2013 Alabama and 2013 Maryland.  They both stunk, so neither applies as a “favorite.”  But here are my answers to the others…

Favorite game to attend as a fan: I’d have to say the 1999 Boston College game.  I was 16 years old, and after the second game of the season I told my dad “order tickets to the BC game, because we’re clinching an undefeated season that day.”  He did, and seeing the Hokies clinch that unbeaten season in person was something special.

Favorite tailgate ever: 2005 Miami.  Everything about that day was absolutely perfect…until the game started.  I was also part of a fantastic tailgate before the 2019 Duke game, and I even got the bonus of talking baseball with Andruw Jones in Lot 4 that day.  Isn’t it a bit strange that my two favorite home tailgates both ended in brutal losses?  A couple of road tailgates that stand out to me are 2007 LSU and 2006 Wake Forest.

Favorite road game ever attended: 2007 LSU, hands down.  Friday night was Bourbon Street.  When we got to Baton Rouge on Saturday,