Jalen Stroman Reflects On Virginia Tech Commitment

Jalen Stroman
Jalen Stroman committed to Virginia Tech last week.

Jalen Stroman
Defensive Back, Class of 2021
Patriot High School, Nokesville, VA
6-1, 190

Virginia Tech has had a long tradition of brothers, of families playing in succession. From the Hopkins brothers (Antoine and Derrick), to the Fullers (Vincent, Corey, Kyle and Kendall) and Edmunds (Trey, Terrell and Tremaine) among others, the Hokies have become known for such family ties.

Patriot (Va.) three-star safety Jalen Stroman has long insisted that he wasn’t a sure thing for Virginia Tech. His brother, Washington Redskins cornerback Greg Stroman, played for the Hokies from 2014-17, but Jalen said Greg never pushed him to follow suit.

Still, all those visits to Blacksburg through the years to see Greg, as well as on his own in recent years, was enough for Jalen to make a decision. On Friday, his birthday, Jalen indeed kept the Stroman path to Virginia Tech going with his commitment.