The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: The Old Stud/End Scheme, OKGs, and More

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1) Bowl streak: Is that something we sell to recruits? Can we sell that to recruits? Should we? Do recruits care about that kind of thing? – teaysvalleyhokie

Chris Coleman: Yes, that’s absolutely in the sales pitch for Virginia Tech. As far as how many recruits pay attention to it or care, that’s up for debate. These days there is such a focus on the playoffs and the top 10 programs that everybody else seems to be drowned out.

Virginia Tech commitment Latrell Neville had an interesting quote in yesterday’s article

“A lot of guys think of Virginia Tech and think of not a winning program.”

Do the Hokies win as much as they used to? No. But it’s still a winning program, last I checked. But these days, unless it seems like you are a playoff-caliber team, I think everybody sort of gets lumped into the same boat by a whole lot of recruits. Not necessarily all of them, because every individual program is different. But on the whole, I don’t feel like the bowl streak is particularly important when it comes to recruiting anymore.

You know what is important? Swimming pools.