Reliving 1995 Game-by-Game, Part 7: Akron

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Virginia Tech smashed Akron 77-27 back in 1995, scoring more points in one game than they managed to score in the first five games of the season combined.  It was Tech’s fourth straight win, and they improved to 4-2 on the season.

Unfortunately, the channel that hosted all past Tech games in their entirety (@hokietapes) was shut down by YouTube recently, so there is no full-game video available online.  However, thanks to the generosity of a Tech fan, I got the game (and all 1995 games) on DVD so I was able to watch it all the way through.  Below I’ve included a link for highlights posted on another site.

To make this series more immersive, I recommend watching the video before reading my article.  If you pretend like this is actually 1995, this will be a lot more fun.

Like all articles in this series, I’ve written the article as if we were currently living 1995.  I imagine this is what I’d have written had I been writing day-after articles back in 1995.

Here’s a link to the Box Score.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a football game with two blocked kicks in the first 1:06 of the game, but that’s what we got on Saturday in Virginia Tech’s 77-27 victory over Akron.  We got that, plus we got what we’ve been getting for most of the year…a lot of rain.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of rain.  Can’t we get a nice Saturday afternoon game with some sunshine?  Perhaps we’ll get a nice decent fall day for the Syracuse game on November 4, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

At any rate, the Hokies have now won four games in a row, and I’ll take bad weather wins over good weather losses any day of the week.  Unlike Tech’s first five games of the season, this one was actually entertaining for all four quarters. 

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