COVID-19 and College Athletics: Five Questions

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Virginia Tech
How much will COVID-19 impact Virginia Tech? TBD. (Ivan Morozov)

Over the last month, I’ve gotten a lot of questions with regards to COVID-19 and Virginia Tech athletics.  I’ve been able to answer some of them, but not most of them.  In fact, the more I think about it, and the more time goes by, the more I learn different things or realize different things.

But I’m tired of doing the answering.  I’m ready to do some asking.  And since I still can’t bring myself to watch the 1995 VT-Navy game (it was 7-0 Hokies with two minutes left in the game, and the two teams combined for just 482 yards of total offense, so I imagine it’s a brutal game to watch), I’m going to touch on some new topics today and ask some questions that have been in my mind recently.

They are rhetorical.  There are no answers for them yet.  But discussions can be had.  Feel free to add your view to the comments section below, or to the message boards.

1: When will recruits be allowed to take visits again?

Right now no visits are allowed either on-campus or off-campus.  I assume those rules will stay in place until official in-person team activities can be resumed, and I assume that in-person team activities can’t be resumed until students are allowed back on campus.

Well, some schools might open before others.  What if some schools