Reliving 1995 Game-by-Game, Part 2: Boston College

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Virginia Tech began the 1995 football season with a disappointing 20-14 loss at home to Boston College.  The game was on a Thursday night on ESPN, and at the time it was only the ninth night game in Lane Stadium history.  It was a big game, and in a lot of ways the Hokies basically handed it to the Eagles.

Like last week’s article, and like we’re going to do for the entire series, I’ve written the article as if we were currently living 1995.  I imagine this is what I’d have written had I been writing day-after articles back in 1995.

Since the game was on ESPN, the entire game is available to view online courtesy of Hokie Tapes.  To make this series more immersive, I recommend watching the game – or at least key parts – before reading my article.  If you pretend like this is actually 1995, this will be a lot more fun.  I’ve embedded the video below.

This One Was Too Much Like 1992

As Virginia Tech fans, we’re used to losing, so it doesn’t bother us all that much.  It was less than three years ago that we were finishing off a 2-8-1 campaign and wondering whether or not we were going to spend the offseason talking about hiring a new coach.

But what made that 1992 season disappointing wasn’t losing eight games; it was how those eight games were lost.  To me, that’s what makes Thursday night’s loss to Boston College hard to swallow.  The Hokies just didn’t play well, and they did a lot of things to hand that game to Boston College.  From eight first-half penalties, to a ton of dropped passes, to porous third down defense, to a dropped snap by a new punter, to a fumble while threatening to score…the mistakes piled up early and often.

The Hokies did play well enough to show that they have potential as a team…which of course makes the loss even more disappointing.  If you outgain the other team by 100 yards (418-318), you generally should win.  I was disappointed in the result, though I don’t think any specific part of the team or any particular coach can be blamed.  It was a team loss.

I was a little bit disappointed in the crowd, too.  The atmosphere