Reliving 1995 Game-by-Game, Part 1: Pre-Season Outlook

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This article is the first in a series of articles that looks back on the 1995 football season.  It’s going to be a bit unique in that I’m going to use a modern lens to look at 1995, but I’ll act as if it were happening right now in real time.

Today’s article will be my thoughts about where the Hokies were as a program heading into 1995 as if I were the Managing Editor of (which didn’t yet exist) in 1995.  Future articles, which will be released on a weekly basis, will be a postgame article on each game of the ’95 season, assuming that the game had been played the day before.  In other words, they’ll basically be like my normal Sunday columns during the regular season.

As sources, I’ve used the Hokie Huddlers from 1995 (we’ve got the whole collection).  Any quotes listed in this series come from those Huddlers.  Thanks to guys like Chris Colston and Bill Roth for putting in the hours so many years ago!

I think it’s tough to start this series by simply recapping the first game.  I think it’s most important to put the historical setting into perspective.  Based on the information available, if we were going into the 1995 season today, what would we be thinking?  How would our modern view of football have shaped our views heading into that season?  That’s what today’s article is all about. 

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