Athletic Department Staffing: Part One

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“Campus visits. Scouting. Projects. Workload. ’I’d like you to go study the NFL red zone for me. Go take 16 games and give me a report on them. I’d like you to go look at all the recruits in the Tampa-Orlando area that are 6-5 and 240 pounds or bigger. Bring me a report on that. I want you to take all the North Carolina 2019 kids and write a report for me.’ When you’ve got 50 guys instead of five, it’s different, right?” – NC State head coach Dave Doeren when asked how he would use additional support staff

The VT football team seems to have some new staff on the way. Beyond that, fans are pretty much in the dark. We don’t know what positions will be filled or created, much less who will be hired…heck, as Chris Coleman’s told us, finding office space for these folks might be a problem. John Iezzi’s recent interview shed some light on how Tech viewed its recruiting resources, but recruiting staff make up just a portion of the various people that help a football team click, and even the recruiting positions themselves are varied. But beyond “recruiters,” most fans aren’t familiar with all the different positions that can be filled on a football staff. And I imagine most fans might not even know just how their school compares to its immediate competition. I knew Alabama had a least a dozen film guys on staff, but per Iezzi, I was sure surprised to learn just how many recruiters worked for UVA.

For this series, we’ll identify the many different staffers who help a P5 football team run. We’ll look at how the Hokies have grown and where they lie relative to other ACC squads (including Clemson.) As fans, we’ve been concerned most with the number of staff employed, but quality can be more important than quantity, so we’ll try to figure that out, too. We’ll also look at football support staff who don’t necessarily report to the head coach, since they get even less attention than folks like Iezzi and Beau Davidson, but can be just as important. There are some interesting nuances and a few surprises, too.

The Collegiate Staffing Rush

Nick Saban gets a lot of blame for hiring every former head coach and coordinator in America to serve as an “analyst” for the Crimson Tide, but it’s not fair to pin the entirety of the trend on him. Saban just started the latest round of competitive hiring. “Out-staffing” opponents is at least around seventy years old. Jim Tatum, HC of the