The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Young Receivers, James Mitchell’s Role, and More

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The Fisher Law Firm

1) You may have already posted this at some point, but what is your opinion on whether Cassell needs to be replaced or renovated/expanded to meet our needs? Personally, I think the latter approach can work, and it seems to be the road we are traveling down, but interested in hearing (or possibly rehearing if you have addressed previously) your perspective. – hokiesteve01 

Chris Coleman: I don’t think it’s even a question anymore.  Virginia Tech plans to renovate Cassell Coliseum, and I would expect plans for that to be released in the next couple of months.  There’s no good place to put a new arena, and Cassell is too good of a homecourt advantage to be replaced.

It will not be expanded.  In fact, a renovated Cassell will seat less than its current capacity.  Even Tech’s “sellouts” are only attended by around 8,000 or so fans these days.  With the advance of HDTV, so many different entertainment options these days, and more varying tipoff times thanks to every single game being on TV, Virginia Tech will not be able to consistently fill up a 9,000+ seat arena again.  Times have changed.

Last year, you saw UNC football downsize Kenan Stadium from over 60,000 seats to 51,000 seats by installing chairbacks.  Basketball arenas that are being renovated are downsizing as well.  Last week, William & Mary rolled out their plans to renovate Kaplan Arena.  It’s going to go from looking like this…