The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Running Back Depth, Caleb Farley, and More

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The Fisher Law Firm

1) Should Frank and Bud be asked to be the face of a financial campaign? Or is that overbearing for the current staff? – TomTurkey

Chris Coleman: It’s not overbearing to the current staff at all. I doubt very seriously that they pay much attention to stuff like that. So with that in mind, yes, both of those guys should be involved.

In fact, Frank Beamer has already been involved. He signed an 8-year, $250k-per-year deal upon retirement to serve in his new role as sort of an ambassador. He’s been on multiple videos, both online and on the jumbotron during games, promoting the Hokie Club and the Drive for 25.

What doesn’t get mentioned is the stuff that goes on behind the scenes in private functions. When Virginia Tech got a $15.2 million gift for the student-athlete performance center, you can bet your bottom dollar that Frank Beamer at the very least had dinner with that anonymous donor/donors. That’s where Frank has made his biggest difference, and can continue to make the biggest difference. I don’t view him as the type that can fire up the masses, but he can be quite good over dinner with people who have money.

Bud Foster is going to be involved somehow as well, though I’m not sure how much. He’s the guy who can give a speech and fire up a crowd, so perhaps he’s the guy who can provide the rhetoric for the masses to get fired up. Not that he’s too shabby over dinner, either. He’s been here as long as Frank Beamer, so he knows plenty of big-wigs.

Short answer: yes, both of those guys will be used as