A Shot Across The Bow

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Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech
Justin Fuente flirted with Baylor, but will remain at Virginia Tech. (Ivan Morozov)

The drama is over, and now we know that Justin Fuente isn’t leaving Virginia Tech.  Fortunately it wasn’t a long, drawn out process.  It started at about 7:45 on Tuesday night, and it ended at 8am this Thursday morning when Fuente Tweeted a picture of himself and his staff at a meeting in Blacksburg.

I got a chuckle when I got this text from a friend on Wednesday…

“I probably would go to Baylor.  You can lose control of the program and let your players run around campus like a Dothraki hoard and the NCAA doesn’t bat an eye.  Meanwhile we can’t get a transfer waiver because Blacksburg is a fun run outside the sliding scale of approved distances.”

It’s funny because it’s true.  It’s also sad because it’s true.

With regards to Fuente’s flirtation with Baylor, we hear it was absolutely legit.  And we heard that through Virginia Tech’s end of things, not Fuente’s or his agents.  Whit Babcock