The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Defensive End Recruiting, Scoring 30+ Points, and More

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1) Is it still accurate to assume scoring 30 points should ensure a win?  Or has college football skewed so hard to the offensive side where we assume VT will give up 30 points any game, and we shouldn’t feel comfortable with less than 40 points? – PadrosWindup

Chris Coleman: I think it depends on who you are playing.  Kentucky is the most recent example, obviously.  The Wildcats lost five times this season, and here’s the amount of points they scored in each of those losses…

Florida: 21
Mississippi State: 13
South Carolina: 7
Georgia: 0
Tennessee: 13

Kentucky only broke 20 points once in five losses, and they failed to score double-digits in 40% of those losses.  Even in their wins against Power 5 teams, it’s not like they put up a ton of points in each of those wins…

Arkansas: 24
Missouri: 29
Vanderbilt: 38
Louisville: 45

Overall, Kentucky played nine Power 5 opponents during the regular season, and only broke 30 points in two of them.  They even failed to break 30 points in two-thirds of Lynn Bowden’s starts.  So I don’t think it was unreasonable to expect Virginia Tech to hold the Wildcats below 30 points.  In fact, it should have been expected, and I think for most people, it was expected.  Instead they scored 31 against the Tech defense.

It’s true that offenses are picking up steam these days and scoring more points.  However, 30 points against Kentucky absolutely should have been good enough to win.