Virginia Tech Must Face Dynamic Running QB Lynn Bowden Jr.

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Lynn Bowden Jr., Virginia Tech
Lynn Bowden Jr. is a dynamic running quarterback and he presents major problems for the Virginia Tech defense. (

Let’s wrap things up by looking at what else the Wildcats are bringing to Charlotte:


I don’t know anything about Kentucky’s offensive staff from years past, and if I did, it wouldn’t matter anyway. Faced with horrendous QB play as starters went down during the season, the Wildcats decided to go all-in on the spread-option running game and installed wide receiver Lynn Bowden (#1) at QB. The rest has been SportsCenter magic, as Bowden and his backs started a mid-season turnaround that looked a bit like something Paul Johnson would dream up.

The closest analog I can think of is Wake Forest. Kentucky employs a very deliberate option attack that, while not quite as slow as Wake’s, takes its time. Beyond that comparison, they do a little bit of everything. You’ll see Zone and Power Read-style plays, as well as man-blocked plays where the offensive line locks up all the bigs while the QB reads linebacker flow for his give/keep key. The TEs will pull, kick, wham, arc, and influence, and behind them the backfield action will include fakes galore. Here’s Counter/Bash with the TE arcing and Bowden keeping: