Virginia Tech 2019 Season Thoughts

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Virginia Tech
(Jon Fleming)

It’s been a week in the Hokie football world, with a bowl battle still to come. In the meantime…

…here’s how I’m feeling about some of the hottest topics.

Defensive Coordinator

As I started writing this article, Barry Odom was still at bat. Things have changed a little bit since then.

When the candidates for head coach started appearing a few years ago, of the ones that seemed likely in the endgame, Justin Fuente and Tom Herman were tops on my list (I guess by that time, they were the list, but I liked both.) I wanted Herman—I figured his ceiling was higher, he’d enable a quicker turnaround, pick up better recruits, and even if he bolted, he would’ve brought excitement to the program. Fuente seemed safer in the sense he’d likely be around for a bit, wouldn’t rock the boat too much, and wouldn’t be as prone to cratering the program a la a move we now associate with Buzz Williams.

Odom seemed like the safe guy in this situation. He’s earned Fuente’s trust, he’ll probably be able to lower the learning curve for the defense, and loyalty to Fu means he probably won’t be sniffing around new jobs for at least a few years. We don’t have a #2 who’s