Monday Thoughts: The Donuts are Piling Up

Dax Hollifield Virginia Tech
Dax Hollifield and the Hokie defense are pitching shutouts and eating donuts. (Jon Fleming)

I was pondering the Virginia Tech-Pitt rivalry, and what a great rivalry it is for Virginia Tech football. A true rival is one that you dislike but whom you’re also afraid of, and Pittsburgh fits that bill.

Virginia Tech and Pitt first played in 1993, and since that meeting, won 63-21 by the Hokies, Virginia Tech has been the more successful program by far. From 1993-2018, per the Stassen database, the Hokies are the 6th-winningest program in FBS football. Pitt? No. 67. Out of 117 teams.

Pitt won ten games just once from 1993-2018, going 10-3 in 2009. The Panthers had 12 losing seasons over that time span, versus just once for the Hokies. One of these programs has historically been a lot better than the other over the last 25+ seasons.

Yet the Panthers were nearly .500 against the Hokies from 1993-2018, going 8-10, including 7-3 from 2001-2018.

That. Is. Super. Annoying. Pitt always seems to hold out their best for the Hokies.

This was a very satisfying win, the most satisfying win over Pitt in 25 years, as a matter of fact:

If you thought we were giving too much credit to Pittsburgh in the run-up to the game, well, it makes sense, doesn’t it? They’ve been a thorn in Tech’s side for literally decades.

This goes beyond the current Pitt coaches and uniforms and stadium and students. Never mind Pat Narduzzi, and never mind this:

Or this:

Or this: