Virginia Tech Keeps Rolling

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Keshawn King, Virginia Tech
There was plenty of open space for Keshawn King and the Hokies. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech pounded Georgia Tech 45-0 on Saturday.  I think we were all expecting a win, but most of us weren’t expecting that.  I’ll certainly take it.  Team and fan morale are both at a high point for the season as the Hokies face back-to-back critical games against Pitt and UVA that will decide the Coastal Division crown.

I continue to be amazed by Virginia Tech’s turnaround this season.  There’s a scene in the move Cinderella Man where James J. Braddock is fighting John Henry Lewis, who had beaten him soundly in an earlier match.  This time Braddock is running circles around Lewis, and in a break between rounds Lewis’s trainer asks him “What’s wrong with you?  You beat this guy easily last time.”

With a look of impending doom in his eyes, Lewis stares right through his trainer and said “This ain’t the same guy.”

You’ve got to think that whoever watches film of Virginia Tech in September, and who tries to compare it to the Hokies in their current form, is saying the same thing.  This isn’t the same team.  Not even close.  The results, which are getting better week by week, speak for themselves.

42-35 W at Miami
34-17 W vs. Rhode Island
43-41 W vs. UNC
21-20 L at Notre Dame
36-17 W vs. Wake Forest
45-0 W at Georgia Tech

How in the world is this the same team that