True Freshman Report: Future OL Thoughts

(Ivan Morozov)

Another game is in the books, and Virginia Tech did not play any new true freshmen against Notre Dame — as if you’d want a true freshman’s first game to be in Notre Dame Stadium, anyway.  Here are the latest snap counts for each of the Hokies’ true freshmen who have seen action.

WR Tayvion Robinson: 7 special teams snaps, 238 offensive snaps, 245 total snaps.  The former high school quarterback appears to have hit a bit of a wall.  He only played 15 offensive snaps against Notre Dame, with junior Hezekiah Grimsley getting 21.  He’s probably done about as well as you can do as a true freshman who has played wide receiver.  Spring development will be critical for his future.

DT Mario Kendricks: 3 special teams snap, 174 defensive snaps, 177 total snaps.  Kendricks has appeared in all eight games for the Hokies, and it appears as if he’ll continue to play a major role from now until the end of the season.  He hasn’t been as prolific as his fellow true freshman Norell Pollard (8 tackles vs. 17 for Pollard, though the two are roughly equal in TFL and sacks), but the talent level is there.  Spring will also be big for his future.

DT Norell Pollard: 19 special teams snaps, 281 defensive snaps, 300 total snaps.  Pollard’s snaps dropped back to 38 with DaShawn Crawford returning to the starting lineup after missing two games with an injury.  He will continue to play a lot throughout the rest of the season, and he appears to have a very bright future.