Miami Review: Dalton Keene Has A Big Day

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Virginia Tech
Dalton Keene had a big game for Virginia Tech against the Miami Hurricanes. (Jon Fleming)

I had a good feel for this game with the exception of quarterback play, but that’s a minor whiff, right? And boy, is it nice to be wrong. This match was packed full of big plays and shifting tides, so let’s look at things chronologically. In general, the first half brimmed with big plays for the Hokies, and bad plays and near-misses for the Hurricanes. If the refs had been less charitable, or if a few Miami plays had gone better (I’m thinking of Brevin Jordan’s stumbling catch) it might’ve been a tight first half. Instead, Tech dominated.

Chamarri Conner’s outstanding game had its first highlight play on this interception:

Miami ran trips to the field, while Tech showed press-man on the edges. The press was a sign of two things: Foster liked his corners one-on-one with Miami’s receivers, and he wasn’t so worried about needing additional zone eyes to stop either the conventional or the QB/option run game.

As the play developed, Tech’s underneath coverage showed zone drops. Miami meanwhile made the field read a set of three curl routes, which is a short-to-medium-distance pass concept that gives the QB an