Inside The Numbers: Major Improvements From Virginia Tech’s Corners

Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech cornerback Caleb Farley (3) has improved in 2019. (Jon Fleming)

Since player development has been a hot topic recently, I wanted to use this week’s Inside the Numbers article to point out a position where Virginia Tech’s players have developed at a very impressive rate.  Also, for the first time this season we’ll take a look at some traditional stats in which the Hokies have made vast improvements. 

Improved Virginia Tech Cornerbacks 

I want to begin today’s article by discussing the improvements that Virginia Tech’s cornerbacks have made since last season, and we’ll start with Caleb Farley’s numbers…

2018 PFF Rating: 57.3
2019 PFF Rating: 71.7

2018 Completion Rate: 32-of-54, 59.3%
2019 Completion Rate: 9-of-21, 42.9%