Miami Analysis: Meet The New Canes, Same As The Old Canes

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Jeff Thomas, Miami
Jeff Thomas is a very dangerous man for the Hurricanes. (Jon Fleming)

Meet the 2019 Miami, same as the old Miami. Lots of athletes, lots of personal fouls. New HC Manny Diaz was their DC for a spell, and he grew up in Miami as the mayor’s son (though interestingly he’s an FSU grad.) He seems to fit, so far, with his preseason highlights including showing up to a booster party in a yacht and also (allegedly) crashing an FSU coaching clinic.


Diaz hired Dan Enos to be his OC. Enos brings a pro-spread style from Alabama. Miami still uses lots of spread-gun, 11-personnel looks, but there’s a big emphasis on tight ends, the conventional running game, and play-action passing. On first down and in short-yardage situations expect them to go under center in the I-formation. Whoever plays Backer and Whip/Nickel will need to have their eyes open when they’re aligned to the weakside because they might be getting a blast of fullback one snap and a dragging TE the next.

They also run all the spread-bubble stuff; based on how Tech handled it last week, they might be tempted to try more. From Tech’s perspective, blitzing deep linebackers against the play-action might be useful; Florida devoured Miami with these calls, and I think Ashby could do