The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Quarterback Discussion, TCU and Recruiting Rankings, and Much More

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1) What are ways (schematic) to hide youth on the field.  Obviously you can simplify, but with where our youth is situated, what can that look like? – 3DKeyShaker

Chris Coleman: At times Virginia Tech is putting as many as six freshmen on the field on offense.  Against Furman, they started four true freshmen, including two side-by-side on the offensive line.  All four of those true freshmen were 4-star recruits with major offers.  They are good players, or at least they will be.  But combined with a pair of redshirt freshmen and a couple of true sophomores, I just don’t think there’s much you can do schematically to solve that problem. 

The one thing Tech could do to help the situation, they can’t actually do effectively because Ryan Willis doesn’t run the read option well.  In the old school I-formation days, a traditional handoff to the tailback would feature nine blockers against 11 defenders.  One of the reasons the read option was invented was to make it okay for one of those defenders to be unblocked, making it a battle of nine blockers against 10 defenders.  That greatly improves the odds for the offense, and if you can run that play effectively, it means you don’t have to be as physically dominant.  For an offense as young as Tech’s, that’s important.

Unfortunately, Willis