Monday Thoughts: The Conversation

The Hokies celebrate Tre Turner’s game-sealing touchdown against Furman. (Ivan Morozov)

Three weeks into 2019, the Hokies have had three unsatisfying outings. Only one has been a loss, but the two wins haven’t left fans feeling good. The extreme elements of the fan base have come more than a little unglued, fans in the middle are starting to question the direction of the program, and the most optimistic fans, though hopeful for the future, admit that what they’re watching right now isn’t anywhere close to where they want the program to be.

Something is definitely off. When you’re three games into the season and you’re ranked No. 124 in turnover margin, No. 79 in turnovers gained, and No. 127 in turnovers lost, something’s off. When you’re No. 84 in rushing offense and No. 89 in rushing defense, something’s off.

When you’re collectively (-40) points against the spread in just three games, actual performance is trailing expectations greatly. Per in our game previews, Virginia Tech was favored by 4.5 against BC and lost by seven; favored by 28 against ODU and won by 14; and favored by 21.5 against Furman and won by seven.

I ratcheted down my expectations after the ODU game and picked VT to win by just 11 against Furman, and some fans said: