Furman Analysis: Return Of The Triple Option

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Bud Foster, Virginia Tech
Bud Foster’s defense will have a challenge on Saturday. (Ivan Morozov)

Well, I got pantsed by this one. When Paul Johnson retired, I junked my planned option mega article. Then I missed a potential clue when I noticed Tech working on cut block drills in the summer. As has already been lamented, the Flexbone triple-option offense returns with Furman. Unfortunately for Tech, the defense it will put on the field is less experienced than you might think—after all, Georgia Tech hammered Tech while barely running any veer last season. This means that, despite a week of prep, last year’s Hokie defenders missed out on actually defending the triple option in a game situation. From what I can glean, the only players on defense with substantial college game experience playing a Flex/Triple offense are Reggie Floyd and DaShawn Crawford.


The Flex/Triple isn’t all they do, as we’ll see. They’re also more like Army’s Flexbone in that they’ll zone more than straight cutting all the time. (Thinking again of Georgia Tech, which had so much success with straight zone blocking.) And their core run play might be toss sweep:

But the triple is the thing to worry most about because