Dakota Twitty Impressed By Virginia Tech Visit

Dakota Twitty, Virginia Tech
Dakota Twitty (left) visited Virginia Tech for the ODU game. (Ivan Morozov)

Dakota Twitty
Wide Receiver, Class of 2022
Thomas Jefferson Class Academy, Mooresboro, NC
6-3, 195

Though Thomas Jefferson Academy (NC) wide receiver Dakota Twitty is a 2022 recruit, his recruitment is picking up steam and he’s beginning to browse his options.

Twitty already claims a pair of offers from Louisville and Pittsburgh, and he’s taken a handful of visits that have already begun to give him some overall perspective. That’s despite Twitty not being anywhere close to any type of moves in his recruitment.

“I think I’m still starting, really,” he said. “Recruiting starts the first day of your freshman year. That starts with your grades. But you can’t really make decisions and put in a lot of thought until like, your junior year. “

That doesn’t mean Twitty can’t get a feel for schools now, as a sophomore. This past weekend, he took in his first game at Virginia Tech. He also camped with the Hokies earlier this summer.

“When we first got there, we checked in, saw the hall of fame thing, the jerseys retired and that was cool in itself,” Twitty said. “Then, we went through the tunnel, saw some players, saw they’re putting in a new weight room. We got to see some construction they’re doing, the indoor facility, which is amazing. By that time, we watched the band come through, shook players hands, took pictures, and when the game started, that was the best part. The intro was crazy. To see everyone chanting and jumping, it was crazy. The opposing team, I was like, how do you come out after that?”

Special teams coordinator James Shibest has been Twitty’s primary contact for Virginia Tech. To this point, it’s been more establishing a relationship between the two, and it’s been a good line of communication so far.

“He was asking me how my game (last Friday) went,” Twitty said. “When you think of college coaches, you think of these big guys. But when you talk to them, they’re regular people, just like you. We really usually just talk, he’ll text and ask how my days is. He’s sent me things like, ‘good game,’ and we talk back and forth. I sent him what I did, my stats, and we just have normal conversations. It’s lessened since the season started, just because he’s more busy.”

Though Shibest hasn’t told him explicitly what he needs to do for a Hokie offer, Twitty said he has an idea of what areas to improve on. He’s already gotten a jump on that this season.

“Most of the coaches that I’ve talked to, they focus on the 2021 class, and they said as soon as they get spots locked in, they’ll go for the 2022 class,” Twitty said. “Last year, I had a bunch of good film, but I wasn’t the guy. I wasn’t making all these big plays. I made plays, but I wasn’t the guy. We lost all of our seniors, so we really had to step up. Now, I’m in the receiver role and I’m taking more charge on the field. It’s just minor stuff, and that’s one thing, just the bob and weave, fundamentals and routes. I’ve been working on that and tightening that up. I think it’ll be a whole different story this year.”

Aside from Virginia Tech, Twitty said he also visited Duke, North Carolina and Louisville this summer. Next, he’s trying to set a date to see a Cardinals game. Twitty said he feels like he already has a good bond with the Louisville staff and hopes to expand on that more.

“I saw their first game (against Notre Dame) and they really stepped up,” he said. “The quarterback, he’s like a whole new person.