Inside the Numbers: Rayshard Ashby Stands Out, Norell Pollard Impressive

Virginia Tech, Rayshard Ashby
Rayshard Ashby was Virginia Tech’s high grader against Boston College. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech used a whopping 21 players on defense against Boston College, ranging from Devon Hunter and his one defensive snap to Reggie Floyd and his 76.  As it is with most performances, there was good news and bad news. 

The good news is that many of the young players showed promise, and in general grades were up across the board after one game.  Last season, four Tech players graded out at a 70+.  One of those (Trevon Hill) was off the team after three games, and another one (Reggie Floyd) barely made it over the 70-point mark.  Yesterday, four Tech players graded out at a 74.4 or higher according to Pro Football Focus, which is higher than all players but Rayshard Ashby and Ricky Walker from last season.

Those players are…

LB Rayshard Ashby (Jr.): 72 snaps, 79.1 grade
DT Norell Pollard (Fr.): 27 snaps, 75.6 grade
S Divine Deablo (r-Jr.): 68 snaps, 75.1 grade
DT DaShawn Crawford (Jr.): 46 snaps, 74.4 grade