The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: The Post-Foster Era, Player Weights, and More

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1) Given the large recruiting classes the past couple of years and 2020’s expected and necessarily small class, is this setting up the program to have cyclical down years in the future when we have an almost non-existent senior class every four seasons? Or have our recent recruiting numbers been a necessary evil and something that can be “normalized” going into the future? Basically, does the severe shift in the number of recruits per class potentially set up any future issues for the program? – wansapana

Chris Coleman: Good question, and I actually thought about that a little bit recently.  I came to the conclusion that I’m not worried about it for a couple of reasons…

1: Fuente recruits transfers and JUCOs, so that breaks things up a bit.

2: In this era of the transfer portal, I think it’s really hard to project four and five years down the road.  The number of transfers will break things up a bit as well, and lead to the necessity of doing No. 1…recruiting transfers and JUCOs.

Because of the number of young players jammed into the program right now, we can expect some attrition.  We’ll have some guys transfer, and probably a few of them would have gone on to be good players were it not for the logjam on the depth chart.  That’s just part of it.  As I’ve said before, between the end of the 2016 season and the Belk Bowl, Fuente told his staff that 25% of the roster wasn’t ACC-caliber, so naturally he wanted to change that as quickly as possible by taking big classes