Virginia Tech Football: Updated Weights for 2019 (Article Updated)

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Virginia Tech
Could the Hokies use their defensive ends in coverage even more this year? (Ivan Morozov)

A couple of weeks ago, we released our annual “updated weights” article based on what we thought was Virginia Tech’s final weigh-in before the 2019 season.  As it turned out, those numbers would be updated for a second and final time, which made some of what we said in our article irrelevant.  Those weights were apparently weights from earlier this summer, either June or early July (early July for the true freshmen, for sure).

Rather than write a completely new article, I’ve decided to simply update the old article with new sections in bold italics to cover the things that have changed in the most recent update.  Everything in regular font was written on July 17.  Everything in bold italics represent my new thoughts since the weights were updated for the final time.

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