The Zen Of Joe Bamisile

Joe Bamisile
Joe Bamisile’s favorite hobby? Meditation. (@rexjoee_)

Joe Bamisile
Shooting Guard, Class of 2020
Monacan High School, Chesterfield, VA
6-5, 195

There’s a calmness that radiates from Monacan (Va.) four-star guard Joe Bamisile. Sure, his skill and ability make it easier for him to go about his work on the basketball court, but he attributes most of that calm aura to what he does in his spare time.

Throughout the day, if Bamisile has time, he meditates. He works in a little yoga, but meditation is most crucial to his routine. It also might have contributed to Bamisile’s decision Thursday to reverse course, to decommit from Northwestern and commit to Virginia Tech.

“Meditating started with my grandparents as a kid,” Bamisile said. “I stopped, got back in, got into yoga. I started my own meditational practice. You know how people say basketball won’t last forever? I was reading a book, and it said the happiest people are the people who find something else to do that brings them joy that can last forever. I can’t sing, can’t play an instrument, so I picked up meditation. Since I’d already been introduced to it, it was easy to decide this is what I want to do. We always have time for what we make time for, if something is a priority for you.”